Monday, February 2, 2015

Jamberry tips and GGG

Jamberry recently released the Going, Going, Gone wrap list with wraps that are going to be discontinued after 2/28/15.  To my dismay, some of the pretty orchid wraps are on the list.  I decided to pick these wraps for my manicure this week to remind me how pretty they are.  I also decided to try white tips for the first time.  I only had White and Pink Tint Tips in Medium and Long.  The difference between White Tips and White & Pink Tint Tips is the clear part on the White Tips are truly clear, but on the other, there is a pink tint to them.
White Tips
White and Pink Tint Tips

I chose Orchid Polka, Orchid, and Orchid Glimmer.  I have fallen in love with the glimmers, so this is one of my favorites.  I used the mid tips over the Orchid Glimmer wraps.  After I was done, I realized that the medium tips show too much white on my nails.  

Today I redid those nails and used long tips over the Orchid Glimmer.  These look much better.  You can see that my pointer finger nail isn't quite as long as my others, so the tip looks shorter, but it still looks better than the mid tips.

There is a little graphic in the Jamberry catalog showing you the difference in tip lengths, but I like this graphic that another consultant made.

My suggestion for anyone with short nails is to choose short or mid tips, but not long.  If you do happen to get long tips, the nice thing is you can trim down the bottom of the wrap to make the tips shorter.

Jamberry has a large variety of solid tips as well as tips with designs.  You can wear them by themselves or layer them over other wraps or polish for a different look.  Try a set to see how you like them!


  1. You know I love my French tips Marlene! They look as good as any acrylics. I thought I had a short nail bed but I'm a medium. And you are making me want to get that orchid glimmer!! It will be pretty for summer.

  2. Hi πŸ˜ƒ how many mm are the short, mid and long tips? Thanks

    1. I found a picture that shows the dimensions of the tips. These measurements are from cuticle to the bottom of the tip. Short: thumb 10mm, middles 8 mm, pinky, 6mm; Mid: thumb 12mm, middles 10mm, pinky, 8mm; Long: thumb 14mm, middles 13mm, pinky 10mm. I hope that helps you figure out which tips would be best for you.


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