Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jamberry expanding to New Zealand and Australia!!

The announcement that Jamberry is expanding into New Zealand and Australia is huge!!  The opportunity for anyone joining as a consultant is great, but to be one of the first consultants can be life changing!  

If you live in New Zealand or Australia and are interested to know more about Jamberry nail wraps or want some samples, please find me on Facebook at or contact me through my blog.  I would love to tell you about all the new and exciting things happening with Jamberry (like the gel system that will be released in Sept!!) as well as answer any questions you may have :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In With The New

The Spring/Summer catalog was released in March.  Although I was sad to see a few of my favorites retire (but I was sure to stock up) I have found so many new designs I am loving!!  Here are my most recent manicures with some of the new wraps.
Paint Party and Fountain of Youth

Butterfly Kisses and Carnival (my favorite so far!)

And from today, Sorbet with Blush Glimmer (retired)

I'm still trying to squeeze in manicures using retired wraps :)
Flutter By and Midnight Sky

Peek-A-Boo Bunny and July 14 HE

 I hope you are enjoying the new catalog as much as I am!  Remember that you can always split a sheet with a friend so that you can get more designs!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Too Good To Be True

I've been using Nature's Bouty vitamins with Biotin for the last month and a half and really think they have helped my nails become stronger.  I was hoping they would help my hair but this wasn't a good time to compare because of my post pregnancy shedding that is happening right now.  But my nails, they haven't chipped, cracked, peeled, or anything in the past month.  That was until yesterday.  I use my nails as "tools" way too often.  Well I was using my nail to pry off a lid and it just couldn't handle the pressure and tore.  Why am I telling you this story?  Normally my nail would break completely, but my Jamberry wrap held it together.  Yes, I have a tear in my nail still, but I was able to take off my old wraps and put a new set on without my nail coming off.  If the tear wasn't so low I would have just cut my nail, but since it is close to my nail bed, I am hoping my new wraps will allow my nail to grow out some and then I can trim it down to the tear.  Here is a close up of where my nail broke.

There have been so many other times I was using my nail for something it wasn't made for and I swore I broke it, but I didn't and I attribute it to my wraps acting like a protective tape.

And since I'm posting today, here is my Jamicure for the week in honor of St. Patrick's Day :)  Now when my sons run into my room on Tuesday in the early morning hours hoping to pinch me, I will already have my green on!

By the way, the picture of the Nature's Bounty bottle is of an unopened bottle because I just bought more at Costco because they had $5 off, so it was around $11 for 250 capsules.  If you are thinking of trying it, check out your Costco.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now

I am not really a fan of floral prints, but I decided to try Azure Rose because I liked the colors (and because I always tell my boys, "How do you know you don't like it until you try it?", so I figured I should set a good example :) ).  I paired it with Bubble Gum, which is a retired wrap, and I added White Chevron over it.  I really love the contrast of this combination and now love Azure Rose!   
I also love the idea of layering wraps.  Jamberry offers wraps that are clear and can be put over other wraps, nail lacquers, or just worn by themselves.  Since I used White Chevron, I wanted to show you some other combinations worn by others using White Chevron.
Fruit Punch (retiring 2/28/15)
Cardinal Lacquer
Adam's Favorite
Isn't it great how versatile one wrap can be?  It really changes the looks of the original wraps.  There have even been wraps I really didn't like, but after seeing a photo of someone layering a clear wrap over them, I loved them! 
Here are a few of the other clear wraps.
You don't have to give up your favorite nail polishes if you use Jamberry.  Try using a clear wrap over them!  If you'd like a few samples of some of the clear wraps, I'd be happy to send you some.  I would love to see your photos of the combinations you come up with!

By the way, Azure Rose will be retired after 2/28/15, so if you love it from the first photo, order it now!  And yes, I will be trying more floral prints from now on!

And The Winner Is...

I wrote down all of the names of my new subscribers on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl.  My 10 year old son happily drew one paper and the winner of the Feb. Stylebox Exclusive wrap is Jessica Renshaw :)
Congratulations Jessica!  I will be sending you an email to get your address.  

I will be doing more giveaways so be on the lookout!  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Giveaway Monday!

Have you heard of Jamberry Stylebox?  It is a monthly subscription where you get $30 worth of product for $25 plus free shipping!  Also included is a nail stick and a nail file.  Each month there is 1 exclusive wrap and 1 wrap that complements it from the current catalog.  Some months they have added additional goodies, like last month they included a pretty pink lipstick!

You don't get a sneak peak, but if you get the Stylebox one month and find you aren't in love with the wraps, there are always people who will trade you because they aren't able to purchase the exclusive wraps and either they didn't subscribe to the Stylebox or if they did, they may LOVE the wrap and want more sheets!  When you start your subscription you have to prepay for 3 months but after that you can cancel or pay month to month.  If you want a subscription period longer than 3 months, they offer discounts for going 6 months or 12 months.

As a giveaway starting today, if you subscribe to my blog, I will enter you into a drawing to win 1 of the wraps from February's Stylebox. 

This is the exclusive wrap that a Jamberry consultant designed.
The wrap that complements it is Teal Mini Polka.  On the top right of my page, you can input your email address to subscribe.  Be sure to click on the email confirmation you receive so that you are fully signed up.  After you have subscribed to my blog, please post a comment so I can enter you in the drawing.  I will randomly pick a subscriber on 2/23/15 to win this exclusive wrap!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All The Pretty Wraps!

Jamberry has over 300 nail wrap designs so there is a wrap for every personality, but it also makes it hard to choose because there are so many awesome wraps!  Here are some of my favorite manicures I have done so far.  I haven't done the same combination more than once, but it is hard to resist doing it when I look back and see how pretty they were!

Sugar & Spice, Diamond Dust Sparkle and Icy Taupe Polka

Shake Your Tail Feather, Atlantic, and Teal Sparkle (retired)

Iced, Metallic Silver & White Fishnet, and Diamond Dust Sparkle

Pretty In Pink and Orchid Glimmer (retiring 2/28/15) with Chantilly over it

Zebra Diva and Fizzy Grape (my absolute favorite but I LOVE purples!!)

November Host Exclusive, Candy cane (retiring 2/28/15) and Fire Engine Glimmer (retiring 2/28/15)

Do you have a Jamberry wrap combination you love?  I would love to hear your favorites!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Jamberry tips and GGG

Jamberry recently released the Going, Going, Gone wrap list with wraps that are going to be discontinued after 2/28/15.  To my dismay, some of the pretty orchid wraps are on the list.  I decided to pick these wraps for my manicure this week to remind me how pretty they are.  I also decided to try white tips for the first time.  I only had White and Pink Tint Tips in Medium and Long.  The difference between White Tips and White & Pink Tint Tips is the clear part on the White Tips are truly clear, but on the other, there is a pink tint to them.
White Tips
White and Pink Tint Tips

I chose Orchid Polka, Orchid, and Orchid Glimmer.  I have fallen in love with the glimmers, so this is one of my favorites.  I used the mid tips over the Orchid Glimmer wraps.  After I was done, I realized that the medium tips show too much white on my nails.  

Today I redid those nails and used long tips over the Orchid Glimmer.  These look much better.  You can see that my pointer finger nail isn't quite as long as my others, so the tip looks shorter, but it still looks better than the mid tips.

There is a little graphic in the Jamberry catalog showing you the difference in tip lengths, but I like this graphic that another consultant made.

My suggestion for anyone with short nails is to choose short or mid tips, but not long.  If you do happen to get long tips, the nice thing is you can trim down the bottom of the wrap to make the tips shorter.

Jamberry has a large variety of solid tips as well as tips with designs.  You can wear them by themselves or layer them over other wraps or polish for a different look.  Try a set to see how you like them!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jamberry Accent Nails

Do you have to keep you nails neutral for your job?  Do you want to have nail art but not on every nail?  Do you just want to try Jamberry before you start buying lots of different wraps?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Feeling Pink

I went through all of my Jamberry wraps last night and took a long time trying to decide what to wear.  I really love the new wrap Love Spell, but I'm holding off wearing it until we get closer to Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fresh Start

Since this is my first blog post, I wanted to start off fresh.  I have been an independent consultant for Jamberry since the end of August 2014.  I've been wearing wraps almost every day since then, except for a few days here and there when I waited in between manicures to nourish my nails.  I have always used the removal process of breaking the seals on my wraps, pouring nail polish remover on a cotton round, and using the round to peel up the wrap as I use part of it to run the remover under the wrap.  If I feel too much resistance, I use a new round with remover and continue.  A few times I pulled too fast and saw small white lines on my nails, but I have gotten pretty good at removing them so that hasn't happened in a long time.  Here is a picture of my nails after I removed my wraps tonight (not very good lighting in my bathroom).
They are still strong and are actually longer than before I started wearing wraps.  I think of the wraps as duct tape.  They hold everything together.  Before when I'd use my nails as tools for things like scraping a sticker off the dining room table (remember, I have 4 boys), I would usually split a nail or even break a tip off.  Now if I do that with a wrap on, my nails are ok.  Even if I do chip a piece on one of my nails, it doesn't break any further because the wrap is saving it.  Sometimes by using my nails as tools, I will pull the tips of the wraps up but I can just file the edge of the wrap down and it still looks good.  

So tonight I will put lotion on and let my nails remain naked, but tomorrow I will be giddy over all the possible Jamberry wrap combinations I can use.  One will become the winner to dress up my nails and make me smile each time I catch a glimpse of my new "Jamicure".