Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jamberry Accent Nails

Do you have to keep you nails neutral for your job?  Do you want to have nail art but not on every nail?  Do you just want to try Jamberry before you start buying lots of different wraps?

A solution to all of these questions is having an accent nail.  I am sure you all have nail polish.  You can  paint all of your nails but put a nail wrap on one nail as an accent.  If you do this, you can also see how long a wrap lasts compared to nail polish.  Here is a manicure with a blue polish but an accent nail using a Jamberry wrap in Mad Mod.

If you really like Jamberry nail wraps but can't wear busy patterns for your job, or you just don't like patterns on all your nails, you can use solid wraps for most of your nails and do an accent with a pattern wrap.  Here are a few ideas.

Here are 2 solid wraps I picked out of the Jamberry shop to show you fun accent wraps that go well. 

There are so many possibilities!  Do you have a favorite polish that you'd like to add an accent nail to?  Send me a picture.  I can give you suggestions and even send you a sample if you haven't tried Jamberry.

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