Saturday, March 14, 2015

Too Good To Be True

I've been using Nature's Bouty vitamins with Biotin for the last month and a half and really think they have helped my nails become stronger.  I was hoping they would help my hair but this wasn't a good time to compare because of my post pregnancy shedding that is happening right now.  But my nails, they haven't chipped, cracked, peeled, or anything in the past month.  That was until yesterday.  I use my nails as "tools" way too often.  Well I was using my nail to pry off a lid and it just couldn't handle the pressure and tore.  Why am I telling you this story?  Normally my nail would break completely, but my Jamberry wrap held it together.  Yes, I have a tear in my nail still, but I was able to take off my old wraps and put a new set on without my nail coming off.  If the tear wasn't so low I would have just cut my nail, but since it is close to my nail bed, I am hoping my new wraps will allow my nail to grow out some and then I can trim it down to the tear.  Here is a close up of where my nail broke.

There have been so many other times I was using my nail for something it wasn't made for and I swore I broke it, but I didn't and I attribute it to my wraps acting like a protective tape.

And since I'm posting today, here is my Jamicure for the week in honor of St. Patrick's Day :)  Now when my sons run into my room on Tuesday in the early morning hours hoping to pinch me, I will already have my green on!

By the way, the picture of the Nature's Bounty bottle is of an unopened bottle because I just bought more at Costco because they had $5 off, so it was around $11 for 250 capsules.  If you are thinking of trying it, check out your Costco.